Get REAL with "A Midsummer Nights' Dream"

Is your class ready to Get REAL about “A Midsummer Night’s Dream?”

Barter Theatre’s Project REAL, which stands for Reinforcing Education through Artistic Learning, offers a hands-on experience for school groups of all ages called Get REAL.

William Shakespeare’s plays allow students to enter a world unlike their own while the timeless content is relevant to their modern day lives. The language of Shakespeare, however, is often a barrier in understanding the stories and action. We can help!

Theatrical productions are an ideal catalyst for creating open dialogues. Want to make sure the show your students see leaves a lasting impact? Read on!

What is Get REAL?

As a teacher or administrator, you know the themes of a particular show, like Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” should leave a lasting impact. Consider setting up a Get REAL workshop, led by Barter Theatre’s teaching artists, to facilitate the human connection and reinforce classroom lessons.

How does a Get REAL workshop help my students?

Through identifying personal connections to impending action on stage or to particular characters, Get REAL workshop attendees delve into reflection and real-world implications from a particular show. Groups connect more easily with each other and the world around them after a guided discussion during a Get REAL workshop.

When do Get REAL workshops usually happen?

Barter Theatre’s teaching artists can schedule a Get REAL workshop before or after a production your group is planning to attend.

Where do Get REAL workshops take place?

Barter Theatre’s teaching artists come to your school or classroom. Or if you prefer, come early or stay late after your group attends “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” at Barter Theatre. We have the space to accommodate most groups and can even work with you to provide boxed lunches or snacks.

How long does a Get REAL workshop last?

Most workshops last for one hour. Your teaching artist will customize the workshop specifically according to grade level and your lesson plans.