Friendly's Fire

Oct 5 – Nov 11
Barter Stage II

“Winner of Barter’s 2015 Appalachian Festival of Plays and Playwrights.”

Recommended for mature audiences due to language and subject matter.

By John Patrick Bray

An homage to Western movies, He-Man action figures, and the playwright’s belief as a child that the Sesame Street Muppet Guy Smiley was in fact God, “Friendly’s Fire” shows us what lengths a man will go to preserve his friend’s sanity, and what lengths another will go to allow himself to remember his brother, who died in service to our country. In a cabin in Alaska, Guy Friendly, a Gulf War veteran and bee-herder, has just brought the wrong woman home for a one-night stand. His best friend Todd, a pawnshop owner dressed as an astronaut, finds Friendly in a fevered state. Trapped by the snow, Todd has little choice but enter Friendly’s fevered dream, to unravel the events of the night before – and the events of the Gulf War that led Friendly to becoming a shut-in.

Cast & Credits

Guy Friendly:
Nick Piper
Todd:Rick McVey
Jessica:Sarah Laughland
‚ÄčQueen Bee:Hannah Ingram
Actor #1; Moss Pete/ Santa Claus/ Bee 1/ Reynolds/ Polar Bear (Golden Paw):Sean Campos
Actor #2; Jason, Poacher, /Voice of Dennis/ Bee 2:Joe Veale


Director:Richard Rose
Music By:Matt Martin
Stage Manager:Cindi Raebel