Sherlock Holmes and The American Problem

Sep 28 – Nov 11
Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre

Inspired by the Works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
By R. Hamilton Wright

Sherlock Holmes is back on the Barter Theatre stage with a new adventure. It’s Queen Victoria’s 50th year on the British Throne and Annie Oakley is the toast of London with Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Extravaganza. Join the chase full of mystery, suspense, deceit and brilliant deductions as Victorian England is smashed together with the Wild West in a case that only Sherlock Holmes can unravel.

Cast & Credits

Sherlock Holmes:
Justin Tyler Lewis
John Watson:Zacchaeus Kimbrell
Mrs. Hudson:Mary Lucy Bivins
Phoebe Anne Moses, young American:Annie Simpson
Charlotte Lichter, American Mining Engineer:Paris Bradstreet
Mycroft Holmeas, Sherlock's older brother:Josh Levinson
The Pinkerton, American Detective:Nick Koesters
"Mayhem" Maggie Malloy, army tutor:Michael Poisson
Man #1; Boyle, Crofter, Reveler:Andrew Livingston
Man #2; Ambassador, Dubbie, Reveler/Pedestrian:TaylorMarrs
Man #3; Fleming, Jefferson, Reveler/Pedestrian:Ryan Featherstone

Katy Brown
Stage Manager:Sara Douglas