Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Subscriptions

Barter Theatre’s subscriptions are NEW for 2017! Read more below to understand what is changing and how our Custom Subscriptions will fit your needs.

How do subscriptions work? Are subscriptions the same thing as a passbook?

Subscriptions primarily work the same as passbooks, except you will now have the opportunity to select your shows and seats before single tickets go on sale to the public and can pay for your subscriptions over time, up to 3 months. Subscriptions will be available in 3-, 6-, and 12-play options.

How do I utilize my subscription? Will I have physical tickets?

We will keep record of how many shows are left in your subscription. You can reserve your seats for shows one at a time or all at once by calling the box office. Once you reserve your seats for a specific show, you can have your ticket emailed to you or you may pick it up at will call.

How much will this cost? Will the prices change? Is this affordable?

Prices will be released later this fall, and most of our season passholders will see a minimal increase from 2016. We are also excited to offer convenient payment plans for any subscription, so you will now be able to spread payments out up to three months.

Why are you doing this?

We have added benefits to make attending performances even easier and more enjoyable, especially for our most loyal patrons. These changes also simplify the ticket buying process for all patrons, and make attending performances accessible to more people.

What if I can’t make it to a show?

Just as you do with passbooks, you have options! Instead of contacting our box office for every show you want to attend, you only need to let us know which tickets you’d like to exchange for another show. You can exchange tickets up to 72 hours before the show. If you don’t know what show you want to attend, you can leave the value of your ticket as a voucher toward a future performance in the same season.

When can I select my seat? Can I sit with my friends?

Ticket order information will be sent this fall. And, yes, you can sit with your friends! Just let us know who you want to sit with when you redeem your subscription tickets.

Can I still get a tax credit for tickets I don’t use?

Yes! Just contact our box office up to 24 hours before the show and tell them you want to convert the value of your tickets into a donation.

Can I transfer my tickets to someone else?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to share the tickets you can’t use with anyone you choose. Simply make the reservation for the show and inform your guest that the tickets will be at will call under your (the subscriber’s) name.

Can I use my tickets all for one production?

Subscriptions will include one ticket per production. If you’re looking to purchase multiple tickets for the same production, remember that we now offer tickets as low as $20 for every performance. This is an even better deal than the value passbook. These tickets are available on a first-come basis when single tickets go on sale, so buy early for the best price!

Can I get a discount on a subscription? Is there an early bird price?

All of our subscriptions are already discounted, and are the best value for tickets at Barter Theatre.

Will I be able to see the same number of shows next year as this year?

Yes! If you want more shows than your subscription offers, you can add on additional shows at a 15% discount.

For more information, contact our Subscription Manager, Gwen Wilson at 276.619.5403 or email by CLICKING HERE.

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