A young orphan named Billy discovers magic in a stolen hat. When he places the hat on a snowman’s head, that snowman comes to life! But can Frosty the Snowman help Billy find his real family in time for Christmas?

Join Billy and Frosty as they embark on a New York City adventure filled with thrills and chills, and as they discover that the real magic of Christmas is Love.

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Touring each November and December!

“Frosty” is hands-down one of our most requested shows! As a presenting organization, I recently asked an upper level school administrator if booking 2 “Frosty” performances for next year was enough for her students and she quickly said, “NO! We need 3!” The teachers are nearly as excited as the students on “Frosty” performance days! The show brings joy to all in attendance. To feel the excitement, see the smiles, hear the giggles, applause and thanks-you’s – those are the reasons we work hard all year long to make these performances possible for our region’s children.

Jan ZentmeyerPro-Art Executive Director

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