Charlotte's Web

May 3 – Jun 4
Gilliam Stage at Barter Theatre

Adapted by Joseph Robinette from E.B. White's beloved book

Often called “the best children’s book of all time,” Charlotte’s Web occupies a special place in the hearts of young and old alike. A tiny pig named Wilbur is saved from an untimely death by a little girl and taken to live in her uncle’s barn. In the barn, Wilbur meets many wonderful friends, the best of whom is Charlotte, a kindly spider who takes it upon herself to save Wilbur’s life yet again. Experience the joy and the wonder of this beautiful story of friendship at Barter Theatre.

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Director's Notes

Few people would guess that a pig and a spider could be best friends. But in this story, not only are they best friends, but Charlotte the spider saves the Wilbur the pig’s life. Charlotte takes a chance on Wilbur and goes on the most rewarding adventure of her life—friendship. And Wilbur, desperate for a friend, finds out that life is about more than just himself: it’s about helping those around you. Together, this unlikely duo changes the lives of every animal (and human!) they meet.

Wilbur and Charlotte’s selflessness creates a better world. So does their bravery to be who they are. And their willingness to love each other unconditionally.

Take a chance on someone today. You may find that they’re terrific. Or radiant. Or humble. And they just might change your life.

Barrett Guyton
Director, Charlotte's Web

Cast & Credits


Wilbur: Jeff Sundheim
Charlotte: Jenna Haimes
Fern, Goose and Spectator: Sarah Vishnev
Homer Zuckerman, Avery, Gander and Spectator: Michael Vine
John Arable and Templeton: James Hendley
Lurvy, Carter, Uncle and President: Angie Fisher


Director: Barrett Guyton
Stage Manager: Sara Douglas
Set Designer: Melissa Shafer
Costume Designer: Liz Whittemore
Costume Construction: Shea O’Neil & Molly Doan
Props Designer: Megan Pressley
Lighting Designer: Erin Kellam
Sound Designers: Barrett Guyton & Matt Green
Dialect Coach: Zacchaeus Kimbrell
Fight Choreographer: Michael Vine
Fight Captain: James Hendley
Associate Director of the Barter Players: Barrett Guyton
Artistic Director of the Barter Players: Katy Brown

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