Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel

Jun 6–24
Barter Stage II

A musical based on the book by Virginia Lee Burton/adapted by Eric Lane Barnes

Mike Mulligan and his beloved steam shovel, Mary Anne, have been together for many years. But now newer, fancier shovels have taken all the work, leaving Mike and Mary Anne in the dust. Their only hope lies in the little town of Popperville, which needs a basement dug for its new City Hall. The story of hard work, determination and friendship comes to life in this charming musical adaptation, where we learn that the newest, biggest or most expensive isn’t necessarily the best.

Cast & Credits


Mike Mulligan:Matthew Porter
Mary Anne: Katherine Lyle
Henry B. Swap: Christian Tripp
Clem: Zoë​Velling
Rufus: Rusty Allen
Diesel Shovel: Garrett T. Houston / Sarah Van Deusen
Electric Shovel: Annie Evans / James Hendley / Shaan Sharma
Nuclear Shovel: Angie Fisher / Taylor Hutchison / Quan "Sam" Sun
Virginia: Brandy Drzymkowski
Lee: Garrett T. Houston
Burton: Quan "Sam" Sun
Mayor: Shaan Sharma
Teacher: Annie Evans
Fire Chief: James Hendley
Sister: Angie Fisher
Citizen of Popperville: Christian Tripp

Setting- The Town of Popperville, Not that long ago


Director: Katy Brown
Assistant Director/Dramaturge: Sarah Vishnev
Music Director: Zacchaeus Kimbrell
Set Designer: Holly Breuer
Costume Designer: Shea O'Neil
Props Designer: Megan Pressley
Lighting Designer: Mackenzie Mulligan
Sound Designer: Matt Green
Associate Director of the Barter Players: Barrett Guyton
Artistic Director of the Barter Players: Katy Brown

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