Six Dance Lessons In Six Weeks

Feb 9 – Mar 26
Barter Stage II

A Comedy Starring Mary Lucy Bivins and Sean Maximo Campos
By Richard Alfieri

Audiences around the world have fallen in love with this heartwarming comedy. When a former chorus boy agrees to teach an elderly widow a series of dances, both escape their lonely lives, finding friendship.

Director's Notes

Finding Life Through Dance

Six Dance Lessons has been translated into 14 languages and had productions in 24 countries. There was actually a time when the sun never set around the world on this play; it has been that much of an international hit and established itself as one of the most produced plays in the world.

So what is it that makes this play such a sensation that it has had equal success in different countries and different cultures and has been embraced by audiences all over the world?

Is it funny? Yes. And funny in 14 different languages; so the humor translates well. But the humor alone does not explain its popularity and its appeal to audiences.

Is it touching? Yes. The play is filled with good sentiment and a story of two opposites who turn their washout lives into something more real and tangible. How can you not be touched? We root for both of these characters to love life once again.

But most importantly, this play is about vulnerability and just how fragile we can be as human beings. It is this vulnerability which allows the humor in the play. It is the deep desire within us that makes us want success and happiness for two vulnerable people who we otherwise might dismiss and ignore if we knew them in real life. They are so very human.

In the end, dance soothes the vulnerability and makes us feel connected; dancing together, because to dance together means to touch and embrace, helps to ease the deep loneliness; and the music and the poetry of dance helps to connect each partner with the beauty of the world, all of which allows us and these two people to live once again. One reviewer put it most succinctly, “When it comes right down to it, life is a precious, brittle thing; our vulnerability and our dependence on our friends (or even on the kindness of strangers) are things we should never discount.”

So my suggestion: Dance. In dance you will find life, just as Lilly and Michael do in this play.

Richard Rose,
Director, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

Cast & Credits


Lilly Harrison: Mary Lucy Bivins
Michael Muñoz: Sean Maximo Campos

Director: Richard Rose
Set Designer: Derek Smith
Costume Designer: Laura Cook
Lighting Designer: Camille Davis
Sound Designer: Tony Angelini
Stage Manager: Sara Douglas

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