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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Jul 17 – Aug 4
Barter Stage II

Adapted from C.S. Lewis by Joseph Robinette

Rights granted by Dramatic Publishing

Join the Barter Players in a magical world where anything can happen. When the four Pevensie children slip through the old wardrobe and into the wondrous land of Narnia, they face a dangerous White Witch and her evil spells. It will take all of the children’s bravery and the love of a Lion named Aslan to help save themselves and the land of Narnia.

Cast & Credits


Lucy: Morgan Haney

Edmund: Jake Dailey

Susan: Zoë Velling

Peter: Phillip Rast

Aslan: Sarah Van Deusen

White Witch: Libby Zabit

Dwarf: Luke Walker

Mr. Beaver: Garrett T. Houston

Mrs. Beaver: Hahna Kaleigh Bowyer

Tumnus: Shaan Sharma

Fenris Ulf: Tyler Cramer

Centaur/Elf: Marissa Marcus

Unicorn: Rusty Allen

White Stag/Father Christmas: Katherine Lyle


Director: Barrett Guyton

Set Designer: D’Vaughn Agu

Costume Designer: Shea O’Neil

Costume Intern: Erin Teaster

Props Designer: Megan Pressley

Lighting Designer: Mackenzie Mulligan

Sound Designers: Barrett Guyton/Matt Green

Fight Choreographer: Jake Dailey

Fight Captain: Shaan Sharma

Stage Manager: Sarah Buck

Associate Director of The Barter Players: Barrett Guyton

Artistic Director of The Barter Players: Katy Brown

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Dr. Paul & Beckie Armstrong

Berry Home Centers

Abingdon Smiles

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