The Neverending Story

Jul 18 – Aug 5
Barter Stage II

Adapted from the novel by Michael Ende by David S. Craig

This thrilling tale begins with Bastian, a lonely boy who discovers a curious book—The Neverending Story. As he begins to read, a huge adventure surges to life, full of fascinating creatures, heroes, dragons, danger and excitement. As Bastian is drawn in deeper and deeper, he realizes that only he can save his new friends in the book, and in doing so, he finds his destiny.

Cast & Credits


Bastian:Shaan Sharma
Father/Nothing:Christian Tripp
Bully/Ygramul/Uyulala/ Entourage:Sarah Van Deusen
Bully/ Troll/ Uyulala:Quan "Sam" Sun
Bully/ Urgl:Angie Fisher
Bookseller/ Childlike Empress:Annie Evans
Gmork:Matthew Porter
Atreyu:Rusty Allen
Artax:Brandy Drzymkowski
Buffalo/ Ygramul/ Engywook/ Entourage:James Hendley
Buffalo/ Ygramul/ Uyulala/ Entourage:Katherine Lyle
Elder/ Morla/ Sphinx/ Nothing:Zoë​Velling
Cairon/ Maya/ Sphinx:Taylor Hutchison
Falkor:Garrett T. Houston


Director:Barrett Guyton
Assistant Director/ Dramaturge:Sarah Vishnev
Set Designer:Holly Breuer
Costume Designer:Shea O'Neil
Props Designer:Megan Pressley
Lighting Designer:Erin Kellam
Sound Designers:Barrett Guyton/ Matt Green
Fight Choreographer:James Hendley
Choreographer:Brandy Drzymkowski
Stage Manager:Sarah Buck
Associate Director of The Barter Players:Barrett Guyton
Artistic Director of The Barter Players:Katy Brown