The Savannah Sipping Society

May 12 – Aug 12
Barter Stage II

From the authors of "The Dixie Swim Club" and "The Red Velvet Cake War"
By Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten

A laugh-a-minute comedy about four Southern women, all needing to escape their day-to-day routines, drawn together by fate—and an impromptu happy hour. Randa, a perfectionist and workaholic; Dot, still reeling from her husband’s recent demise; earthy and boisterous Marlafaye, a good ol’ Texas gal; and new to town, Jinx, a spunky fireball, offers her services as a life coach for these women. Hilarious misadventures and the occasional liquid refreshment lead the ladies to discover lasting friendships and a renewed determination to live in the moment.

Director's Notes

“Life is short. Spend it with people who make you laugh.”

Despite what we’re told as kids, making new friends can be hard, especially as adults. We don’t always have built in ways to meet them like we did when we were little, and we are more settled in who we are and sometimes less likely to change to let a new person in. There are so many things that keep us apart: politics, family, fear of judgment, busy schedules, a focus on technology and achievement. We run around staring into our iPhones all day in a way that cuts out even the most happenstance of conversations and connections.

And yet, sometimes there are people that come into our lives who break down all those walls. Their humor and honesty disarm us and open us, and suddenly, we’re taking risks and having fun in ways we never saw coming. In these divided times, it’s maybe the most life-affirming thing we can do—to forge real friendships. To celebrate all the things that are common between all of us, and to laugh at the things that, at first glance, made us think we were so different from each other.

Sit back and laugh with four new friends who couldn’t be more different, but who find out that what they most need is the adventure they can only have with each other.

Katy Brown, Director
The Savannah Sipping Society

Cast & Credits


Randa Covington: Amy Baldwin
Dot Haigler: Mary Lucy Bivins
Marlafaye Mosey: Tricia Matthews
Jinx Jenkins: Wendy Mitchell Piper
A special cameo in Act I will be played by Sarah Vishnev


Director- Katy Brown
Stage Manager- Sara Douglas
Set Designer- Hana Goff
Costumes Designer- Alice Sullivan
Props Designer- Helen Stratakes
Sound Designer- Tony Angelini
Lighting Designer- Camille Davis

Special Thanks to Dr. Baird Smith for his expertise and assistance

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