Fundraising Campaign

Talking Points

  • As you know, Barter Theater is one of the nation’s longest running professional theatres and an anchor of our region’s arts scene since 1933 (perhaps a call attention to one or two alumni with a very short story)
  • Barter generates $40 million each year in local business and tax revenue, and well over 400 jobs.
  • Because Barter’s patrons usually account for a huge segment of regional tourism, the businesses that gain customers when Barter’s attendance grows also lose customers when attendance drops.
  • As a NONPROFIT organization (AS IS EVERY THEATRE IN THE COUNTRY), Barter Theatre relies on ticket sales for 64 percent of its income each year and then relies on tax-deductible GIFTS to Barter’s Annual Fund for Artistic Excellence providing most of the additional revenue.
  • The 2019 season offers a variety of musicals, classics and comedies, and we’ve had very positive reactions to them from patrons and reviewers!
  • Unfortunately, significantly lower ticket revenues have left the theatre’s budget far below where it should be at this point in the summer.
  • Tourism in our region is down 16% and consumer spending, especially for non-essential items, has been at historically low levels for the last two to three months
  • When ticket revenues started declining a couple of months ago, we all began working diligently to shift priorities. Together, we curtailed expenses by over $250,000. Those adjustments helped, but they are not enough.
  • A significant infusion of support in the next few weeks from Barter patrons and donors provides the only path through this difficulty.
  • AND Barter will remain in control of its destiny with friends like you!
  • Here is how you can help: if you have been thinking about buying tickets to Barter’s summer, fall and Christmas productions, I encourage you to make those purchases as soon as you can. Seat selection will never be better than it is right now.”
  • Any immediate contributions to Barter’s Annual Fund for Artistic Excellence will make a difference.
  • Even better…purchase tickets and donate. That is a winning combination for Barter Theatre and this region all year long.
  • With that same spirit, I am convinced Barter and the region can emerge with an even stronger sense of shared purpose.
  • Robert Porterfield, Barter’s founder, used to say, ‘If you like us, talk about us.’ But right now, if you like us, support us.