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Parking is available in the Barter Theatre lot on Main Street, across from Gilliam Stage and adjacent to Barter's Smith Theatre. The lot's entrance is off of Partington Place, just past The Martha Washington Inn and Spa.

Street parking is also available in marked spaces on Main Street and in unmarked spaces on Valley Street, which runs parallel to Main Street and immediately behind Barter’s main stage.

Motorcoach Parking

An unloading zone for passengers is available on Main Street for Barter Theatre, across from the theatre (just after the turn for Partington Place where there is a sign indicating bus loading and unloading); crosswalks are present for passengers convenience.

Motorcoach parking is available at the back of the Barter Theatre parking lot which is located on Partington Place. If the driver chooses, they may park first and unload passengers from the parking lot or unload passengers in the designated zone.

To reach Partington Place after unloading passengers, continue down Main Street to the intersection of Pecan Street and Main Street. Turn right onto Pecan Street, then turn right again onto Park Street. Continue up the hill to where Park Street intersects with Partington Place.

Handicapped Accessible Parking

Handicapped accessible parking is available in front of both theatres on Main Street and in our parking lot. Look for the marked spaces.