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What is Barter On Demand?

Access your favorite shows as many times as you would like for up to 14 days after purchase

Barter On Demand allows our patrons to stream Barter Theatre performances from the comfort of their own home. All Barter Player performances include access to special bonus features and educator resources so you can take the experience further than ever before! Support Barter Theatre by purchasing access to a Barter On Demand show for $15.

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How do I access Barter On Demand content?

You will be able to purchase access to Barter On Demand content from the Barter On Demand page. Once you have purchased access to your video, it will appear as available to for you to watch on the Barter On Demand page. Your access will expire 14 days after you begin to watch the content.

How much does it cost?

Access to Barter On Demand content is comparable to a single ticket for our regular Barter Players productions: $15

How do I give access to Barter On Demand as a gift?

The simplest way to give Barter On Demand as a gift is to send a digital gift card. The recipient will be able to use the credit to purchase access right away. You can even purchase a gift card now, and choose the date for it to be delivered. Click here to purchase a gift card.

Can I use my subscription to access Barter On Demand content?

Yes! You will have the option to apply your subscription upon checkout.

How long will my purchased access to Barter On Demand content last?

Your access will expire 14 days after you begin to watch your selected content.

What if I want to provide access to a group or a class?

We would love to accommodate your needs! Please contact us at 276.619.5406 or

What are the Barter Players?

The Barter Players are a group of professional artists who perform world-class theatre for young people. We believe in theatre that awakens the imaginations of the most exciting, most participatory audience in the world: kids. Barter Player performances focus on what brings out bravery in all of us, and our shows never talk down to the audience. Because of our fierce theatricality, no-holds-barred acting, and faithfulness to the best stories ever written, we have a following among both children and adults alike. (it’s not unusual to have an adult ‘admit’ to us that they come even without a kid.) The child in all of us deserves wild adventure, incredible story, and the excitement of live theatre so close you can reach out and touch it.

What devices can I use to watch Barter On Demand content?

You can watch Barter On Demand content on any device that has a web browser.


The Princess and the Pea

Adapted by Catherine Bush from the story by Hans Christian Andersen

The Queen wants her son, Prince Harold, to marry, but Harold has yet to find a princess whom he can love. Then the beautiful maiden Marigold appears at the castle door, and Harold realizes he has met his match. But can Marigold pass the Queen’s test and detect the pea placed under her mattress? Will she be able to prove to the world that she is truly a princess?

Experience the adventure from home with a recording of the full length production. Enjoy special bonus features as well as educator resources.


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