Peter Pan On Demand - Available Starting April 1st

Adapted by Catherine Bush from the novel by J. M. Barrie

Wendy Darling and her younger brothers love nothing more than playing make-believe in their family’s upstairs nursery. Then one night, a young boy named Peter Pan and his fairy friend Tinkerbell fly into the nursery window and whisk the Darling children away to a fantastical Neverland filled with Lost Boys, pirates, and a man-eating crocodile. Brought thrillingly to life with only six quick-changing actors and your imagination, the Barter Players’ special brand of creativity make this an adventure you will never forget!

Experience the adventure from home with a recording of the full length production. Enjoy special bonus features as well as educator resources.

Bonus Features: The Barter Players have been performing Peter Pan at schools all across the nation and every show includes a talk back Q&A. Join the Players as they answer the most frequently asked questions from students (and some adults too)!

Educator Resources: In addition to the Peter Pan study guide, viewers will have access to lesson plans coordinated with the National Core Arts Standards and the English Language Arts Common Core standards.

Stream the performance, access special bonus features, and educator resources!

Coming Soon to Barter On Demand

  • April 1st: Peter Pan


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How much does it cost?

Access to Barter On Demand content is comparable to a single ticket for our regular Barter Players productions: $15

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