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We are a repertory company of resident artists dedicated to serving others by creating world-class theatre in the heart of Appalachia.



Barter Theatre will maintain a sustainable model of producing world-class theatre that entertains, engages, and connects artists and audience, while reflecting the inherently Appalachian values of hard work, generosity, service and story.



Common Ground We believe that the theatre is common ground.  It is a place for people of every background to gather to share stories and ideas. Barter is your theatre, and you are welcome here. Click here to read Barter Theatre’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement in its entirety.

Service— We are in service to our audience. We know that the more our work is purposed in serving you, the better our work is.

Education– We believe in the power of theatre as a vehicle for learning. We seek to foster an environment and programs for audiences, students and artists of all ages to be lifted, challenged and nurtured through the sharing of ideas.

Community— We believe in the power of theatre to celebrate and connect our community. We believe that a resident company is the best way to create live theatre that matters to our audience. We believe that in order to best serve our community, we must be part of the community.

Culture— We believe that a culture of growth and respect creates the most dynamic, personal, and impactful theatre. We do this by fostering an environment where artists are encouraged to risk failure for success, to honor and celebrate struggle and breakthrough, and where they can feel connected to our mission, to the community, and to each other.

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