Young Playwrights Festival

For Students

The Young Playwrights Festival is an annual event that cultivates and celebrates the talent of high school students. The purpose of this Festival is to encourage the development of students’ writing skills and creativity, with the added benefit of discovering talented playwrights in our region.

For Educators

Participating teachers attend playwriting pedagogy workshops in which Barter professionals give them the tools for teaching playwriting to their students.

For Our Community

Schools are invited to a morning performance of the plays, where students have the chance to see their peers’ work. A nighttime performance, awards ceremony and reception is open to the public.

YPF 2021

YPF 2021: Online

Watch Barter Theatre’s 2021 Young Playwrights Festival, featuring readings of the top 10-minute plays from high school students in our area! With hundreds of submissions, these readings of the top 7 plays will be a celebration of high school students’ creativity, hard work, and bravery.

Access is free, we just ask you to let us know how many from your school or organization tune in.

Thank You To Our YPF Sponsors

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YPF Submissions

Participation Guidelines

Teachers must attend at least one workshop in which Barter professionals give them the tools for teaching playwriting to their students.

After receiving classroom instruction on playwriting, students develop plays and submit them to a select group of Barter professionals for feedback and critique. The plays are not to exceed 10 minutes in length.

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YPF Winners
The three winning plays are lightly staged at Barter Theatre by professional actors, and the five honorable mention plays are given a reading.

Writers of the top three plays receive cash prizes and a mentoring session with a Barter professional, which allows the students to have valuable one-on-one time with experts in the field of theatre and playwriting.

The first-place student’s teacher receives two tickets to any performance at Barter Theatre.

Winners work with Barter professionals to enhance and or lengthen their plays. Awards are presented each year to the winning students and schools.