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Morning After Grace Inspires Courage to Begin Again

The young look forward to a time in life when they will ‘arrive’ - with goals achieved, battles won, and life’s baffling mysteries all figured out. The old have already discovered that it just doesn’t work that way. Keen insights into navigating life at any stage can be found in Barter Theatre’s production of the delightful coming of (mature) age romantic comedy Morning After Grace by Carey Crim. Three unlikely comrades in their golden years teach us that seeking new paths doesn’t end once we’ve clocked multiple decades inside the same skin. We’ll not be placed on a shelf - a finished product, polished and stamped, waiting to be carried off into whatever lies beyond. Far from it! We’ll still seek, actually itch for new discoveries and a new path. But, of course, we’ll want to do it with dignity. And grace.
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