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Cast Lists for Fall 2021!

By September 8, 2021No Comments
Barter Theatre Frankenstein Cast (See Image Description)


Gilliam Stage, September 30 – October 31

Top left to bottom right: Justin Tyler Lewis (Victor), Sean Campos (Creature), Alexis Ijeoma Nwokoji (Wolsey/Elizabeth/Citizen/Peasant #4/Agatha), Ezra Colón (Walton/Byron/Peasant #2/Felix), Zacchaeus Kimbrell (Hughes/Henry/William/Advocate), Hannah Ingram (Caroline/Justine/Claire/Peasant #3/Safie/Female Creature) and Nick Piper (Alphonse/Policeman/Pesant #1/Delacey/Priest).


Rockin’ at the Moonlite

The Moonlite Drive-In, September 24 – October 23

Top left to bottom right: Lilly Anayeh, Kaci Deakins, Kim Morgan Dean, Lauren Easton, James Jiggetts, Andy Patterson, Zoë Velling, and Christopher White.

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