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The show goes on: AT&T to match Barter Theatre donations up to $25,000

By May 18, 2021No Comments

ABINGDON, Va. (WJHL) — Like many other businesses, Abingdon’s treasured Barter Theatre scrambled to adjust as the novel coronavirus brought on restrictions and closures.

Moonlite Drive-In Theatre served as an initiative to provide audiences with entertainment amid a pandemic that prevented them from enjoying theatre indoors — and it continues into 2021.

Community support allowed the theatre to explore different means of entertainment, and one avenue that made a big difference was AT&T’s agreement last year to match funds up to $25,000 in an aim to help Barter Theatre.

Barter Theatre announced this wasn’t a one-time offer.

AT&T will again participate in AT&T Make Me a Match 2021, which will provide a grant matching the funds Barter Theatre raises through donations from May 13 until June 10 — dollar for dollar up to $25,000.

President of AT&T Virginia Vince Apruzzese said the company chose to uplift the theatre to ensure the shows go on.

“This past year changed so many things for so many Virginians,” Apruzzese said. “One thing that didn’t change was a desire to be entertained as an escape from the challenges around us. Last year, the team at Barter Theatre almost overnight transformed how they’ve been entertaining audiences for almost 90 years. We’re glad that AT&T’s support will help them offer quality performances again this summer.”

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