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I didn’t want to miss a minute of “Morning After Grace.”
This onstage story starts with a scandal, when a couple of senior citizens awake on a couch after presumably having, well, what
we might just term “a good time” the night before.
The lady on stage scrambles to get dressed.

And the man just keeps on snoozing.
This is the opening scene of “Morning After Grace,” a show now featured at Barter Stage II.
It’s an exploration of love, heartbreak, betrayal and confession.
“Morning After Grace” features three characters, each facing their own dilemmas.
The dialogue is sometimes R-rated. Why, one actor even says the F-word!
But, says Barter Theatre’s producing artistic director, Richard Rose, that’s all part of the dramatic build-up between the
characters of Angus (portrayed by Michael Poisson) and Abigail (played by Tricia Matthews).
What starts as fun and frivolous becomes a hatred that grows like mold on a chunk of cheese that has been left out to spoil.
“I love what they go through,” Rose said. “I love that fact that their chemistry is good. I think their journeys are journeys that each
of us do in lots of times and ways.”
Here, you’ll see your own relationships on stage, Rose said. “And how you deal with them and what credit and level of
the commitment you give,” Rose said.

The biggest takeaway?
“Not taking things for granted,” Rose said. “And that means everything.”
This show forces you to look at all of your relationships in a positive way, Rose suggested.
“I would say this is a pretty mainstream show across the board, in terms of the people who are really reacting to it,” Rose added.
“It’s doing very decent audiences, and it’s building very rapidly.”

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